Development trend of large and medium-sized rotary tiller market in China
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Development trend of large and medium-sized rotary tiller market in China

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Development trend of large and medium-sized rotary tiller market in China

As a traditional cultivator in China, large and medium-sized rotary tillers have played a positive role in improving the level of agricultural mechanization. Since entering the new century, driven by the policy of benefiting farmers, user demand has been strong, products have been continuously upgraded, and the market has steadily grown, maintaining a rapid development trend. After the convening of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, support for agriculture, rural areas, and farmers will be further strengthened. It is expected that in 2012, the sales of large and medium-sized rotary tillers will reach around 350000 units, continuing to maintain a historical high. Facing the future, large and medium-sized rotary tillers need to achieve their own development, gather development factors, accelerate industrial transformation, and meet the upgrading needs of the market and users.

1、 Development history of large and medium-sized rotary tillers

The development of large and medium-sized rotary tillers in China began in the late 1950s. In the early 1970s, they were paired with domestic tractors and quickly promoted in the northern region. They went through three stages: single machine development, series development, and transformation and upgrading. At the beginning of this century, it achieved rapid development, showing a phased characteristic of steady start, rapid growth, maturity, and expected breakthroughs. The pace of industrial structure adjustment accelerated, and large and medium-sized rotary tillers basically achieved the goals of serialization, diversification, and information technology development.

1. The market is developing steadily. After years of development, China has gradually formed industrial clusters of rotary tillers in Jiangsu, Jiangxi, and Henan, with hundreds of large and medium-sized rotary tiller manufacturing and supporting enterprises. The industrial manufacturing capacity has begun to take shape, and the production and sales volume has gradually increased. A number of rotary tiller production enterprises have emerged, including Henan Haofeng, Yinhua Chunxiang, and Xi'an Ya'ao, capable of manufacturing over 300 types of rotary tillers, meeting the needs of different regional markets. Especially in recent years, Henan Haofeng has continued to maintain the momentum of leading the industry's development. The sales of large and medium-sized rotary tillers in the market have steadily increased, with a social ownership of over 5 million units. In 2007, it achieved sales of over 250000 units, and in 2009, it reached a historical high of over 350000 units. In 2011, it is expected that sales of around 35 units will continue to consolidate at a high level, showing a sustained development trend, basically in line with the tractor market. The winter wheat region is the traditional main sales market for large and medium-sized rotary tillers, while the Northeast region is the main demand area for large composite rotary tillers.

2. Continuously improving quality. After years of development, the manufacturing level of rotary tillers in China has been continuously improved, and the investment in technology and processes has been continuously increased, shortening the gap with advanced levels, and continuously improving product quality. New technologies such as CNC machine tools, complete machining centers, computer automatic welding, and flexible machining lines have begun to be applied in the manufacturing of some enterprises' products, increasing the degree of product matching and adaptability. The level of material application is constantly improving. From the current market products, materials with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, friction reduction, impact resistance, and fatigue resistance are widely used in products. The gear materials for large and medium-sized rotary tillers in China are mostly low-carbon alloy steel such as 20CrMnTi, which has greatly improved the quality of products compared to previous ones; The blade shaft material is made of low-carbon steel pipes, the body is made of ball milled cast iron, the rotary tiller tool is made of manganese steel or rare earth steel, and engineering materials and composite materials are applied in product manufacturing, promoting the overall quality of large and medium-sized rotary tillers

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