Guidelines for Daily Maintenance Operations of Micro Tillers
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Guidelines for Daily Maintenance Operations of Micro Tillers

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Guidelines for Daily Maintenance Operations of Micro Tillers

Micro tillers have become one of the essential agricultural machinery for farmers' families due to their portability, flexibility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, and are an important force to ensure the spring and autumn sowing of farmers. After years of technological development, micro tillers have replaced many traditional livestock farming projects. In order to keep them in a working state, their daily maintenance is particularly important. However, many operators have some misconceptions in their use and maintenance. The following daily maintenance and operation precautions are for reference by the general operator.

1、 New machine running-in

Many operators have no understanding of the concept and significance of running in, believing that running in not only wastes time and fuel, but is truly "uneconomical". They think that after returning home, they can let it idle for 2-3 hours. In fact, running-in is a gradual process that must start at low throttle speeds, low gears, and low loads, and gradually increase to high throttle speeds, gears, and high loads. The purpose of running-in is to gradually remove uneven parts on the mating surface of the parts by slowly increasing the load under good technical and lubrication conditions, laying a good foundation for the normal use and extended service life of the machine.

2、 Daily maintenance

Due to the harsh working environment of micro tillers, maintenance is particularly important. During the operation of a micro tiller, due to the mutual friction and vibration of its components, as well as the invasion of oil, mud, and water, it is inevitable to cause wear and tear on the components; Loose connections, corrosion and aging. After daily use, rinse the machine with water, thoroughly dry it, and lubricate the running and sliding parts as required. But when flushing, do not let water seep into the suction port of the air filter. During daily maintenance, the engine must be turned off and allowed to cool down after overheating.

3、 Warehousing and storage maintenance

If the micro tiller is not used for a long time, it must be stored according to the following steps.

1. Stop the engine at low speed for about 5 minutes;

2. When the engine is still hot, drain the lubricating oil and replace it with a new one;

3. Remove the rubber stopper on the cylinder head, inject a little engine oil, place the pressure reducing lever in an uncompressed position, and pull the recoil start handle 2-3 times (but cannot start the engine);

4. Place the pressure reducing handle in the compressed position, slowly pull out the recoil start handle, and stop it in the compressed position. In this way, the suction and exhaust valves are closed, and moisture will not enter the engine interior to prevent rust;

5. To prevent contamination by external soil and other dirt, the machine should be kept in a dry place;

6. Each work tool shall undergo rust prevention treatment and be stored together with the host machine to avoid loss.

4、 Common maintenance issues

Common incorrect maintenance methods mainly include the following:

1. The air cooler uses water to cool down. Some operators see that the air cooler has a high temperature and are worried about damaging the machine. They use watering to help cool down. In fact, it is a very wrong approach. When water suddenly cools down, the cylinder liner suddenly contracts, which can easily cause cylinder pulling, ring breakage, and even cylinder liner rupture.

2. Not valuing shift maintenance. Some operators believe that maintenance should be done every few days, but in fact, wear and tear is a cumulative process, and maintenance is equally important.

3. Not valuing the quality of fuel and lubricants. Poor fuel quality not only reduces the power of the machine, but also accelerates it

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