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Maize Planter


GLD profiling corn planter is matched with tractor,mainly used for planting precise single seed corn on the tilled farmland.

And it can finish opening,fertilizing,sowing,furrowing and pressing during one operation.

We manufacture 2-6 rowas this type machine.

structural styleMechanical, suspended
Supporting power (kw)18.3~36.722.1~55.836.8~110.344.1~110.373.5~133
outline dimension (mm)1595×1590×12001560×2120×12101650×2750×12201680×3600×12301700×4800×1165
Operating speed range (m/s)0.56~1.390.56~1.390.56~1.390.56~1.390.56~1.39
Productivity (hm2/h)0.3~0.450.4~0.60.5~0.750.6~0.880.8~1.15
Line spacing (cm)50~6250~6250~6250~6250~62
Number of working rows (rows)34568
Working width (Cm)150~126200~248250~310300~372400~496
Seed metering device typeSpoon wheel type, metal material
Number of seeders34568
Type of fertilizer dischargerOuter groove wheel type, non-metallic material
Number of fertilizer dischargers34568
Type of planting trencherCore share type
Number of planting trenchers34568
Depth adjustment range (mm)30~5030~5030~5030~5030~50
Type of fertilizer drainage ditch openerCore share type
Number of fertilizer discharge furrows34568
Depth adjustment range (mm)50-8050-8050-8050-8050-80
Seed/fertilizer box volume (L)8.5 × 3/1958.5×4/26018×5/32518×6/39018×8/520
Displacement adjustment methodseed: gearbox/fertilizer: threaded type
Transmission mode of sowing partShaft+chain drive
Ground wheel typeRubber wheel
Ground wheel diameter (mm)600600600660660
Adjustment range of ground wheel height0~1000~1000~1000~1200~120
Ballast typeRubber wheel


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