Welcome Congolese customers to visit our company
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Welcome Congolese customers to visit our company

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Welcome Congolese customers to visit our company

Customers from Congo are welcome to visit, which is a great opportunity to show the strength of the company, enhance mutual understanding and promote cooperation. The following is our company's preparation for the reception of customers:

1. Cultural respect: Understand Congolese cultural practices and ensure respect for their culture in communication and reception.

2. Language preparation: Customers can speak English, and our bosses and managers can communicate with customers in English without barriers.

3. Product display: We have prepared the display of harvester, disc plow and disc harrow in advance, including product demonstration and operation demonstration.

4. Business negotiation: We have prepared the information of business negotiation, including product catalog, price list, cooperation cases, etc.

5. Gift preparation: We prepare some small gifts with panda image as a friendly expression to customers.

6. Catering arrangement: understand customers' eating habits in advance and provide suitable catering services.

Finally, we achieved a friendly cooperation with the customer.

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