Heavy Duty Rotary Cultivator
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Heavy Duty Rotary Cultivator


The advantage of a rotary tiller is its high efficiency in breaking and leveling the entire field. The first is to improve work efficiency, and the second is to have strong ability to level the broken soil. Strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after cultivation; Able to cut and bury roots below the surface, facilitating sowing and providing a good seed bed for later sowing; The correct use of rotary tillers can break the bottom layer, restore the soil topsoil structure, improve soil water storage and moisture retention capacity, eliminate some weeds, reduce pests and diseases, and level the surface.

The advantages of a rotary tiller are its strong ability to cut and break soil, which can achieve the effect of plowing and raking several times in one operation. After cultivation, the surface is flat and soft, which can meet the requirements of intensive cultivation and can seize agricultural time, saving labor.

specificationsHeavy duty rotary cultivator
working width(in.)71"83"91"
working width(cm)180210230
working depth(in.)777
total blades485460
side drivegeargeargear
driveline protectionslip clutchslip clutchslip clutch
hitchcat I and IIcat I and IIcat I and II
PTO shaft series666
PTO power required(HP)45-5560-8085-100
optimum PTO speed(RPM)540540540
Rotor flange diameter(in.)
Rotor flange thickness(in.)
approximate weight w/pto(lbs)770865928


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