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Maschio Rotary Tiller

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Maschio Rotary Tiller

Reasons to choose a Maszio B Series rotary cultivator may include the following:

1. Wide applicability: B series rotary tiller supporting power range of 45-130 HP, suitable for small and medium-sized farms, can work in a variety of harsh soil environment.

2. Depth adjustment: equipped with sliding boots or crushing rolls for depth adjustment, so that the rotary tiller can be adjusted according to different soil conditions.

3. Durability: Side gear transmission, transmission speed of 540rpm or 1000rpm, durable structure design.

4. Easy maintenance: Simple structure and easy maintenance, which is an important consideration for farmers.

5. Economic benefits: can achieve the ideal tillage effect in a variety of harsh soil environments, so as to obtain economic benefits.

6. Technical advantages * :

- The drive shaft is equipped with a clutch hub to prevent overload damage to the equipment.

- By adjusting different combinations of gear pairs, a total of 4 tool shaft speeds can be selected, increasing the flexibility of use.

- Each cutter head 6 blades, rotary soil crushing effect is better.

- Side gear drive, oil bath lubrication, reduce wear and improve work efficiency.

- The gear box on both sides of the cutter shaft is sealed with floating oil seal, which is waterproof and dust-proof, and improves the reliability of the equipment.

7. Adjustment performance: the pressure of the retaining plate can be adjusted by the spring to adapt to different farming needs.

8. Special ground conditions adaptability: In the stony or hard soil conditions, the cutter can be optional butt flange type, which enhances the adaptability to special ground conditions.

9. Brand reputation: Produced by Maschio Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD., the brand has a certain reputation and reputation in the field of agricultural machinery.

Combined with these characteristics, Maszio B Series rotary tillers are the ideal choice for many farmers and farm machine operators due to their high performance, durability, easy maintenance and strong adaptability.

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