Why Choose Grandemac B Rotary Tiller
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Why Choose Grandemac B Rotary Tiller

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Why Choose Grandemac B Rotary Tiller

The B-series rotary cultivator has a power range of 45-130 HP, which is suitable for small and medium-sized farms and can work in a variety of harsh soil environments.Driven by side gears, the transmission speed is 540rpm, and the structural design is robust and durable.Simple structure and easy maintenance, which is an important consideration for farmers.Each cutter head 6 blades, rotary soil breaking effect is better.It can achieve ideal tillage effect in various bad soil environment, so as to obtain economic benefits.The parameters of the Grandemac B series are the same as those of the Mascio B Series, and they have the same mass. But the Grandemac B Series is more cost-effective.

Combined with these characteristics, Grandemac B Series rotary tillers are the ideal choice for many farmers and farm machine operators due to their high performance, durability, easy maintenance and strong adaptability.

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